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Real Aluminum flakes suspended in a thick latex glaze base. Aluminum Coating can be applied to almost any surface, causing the surface to take on the appearance of real aluminum. The difference between our Aluminum Coating and other faux coatings is the abundant presence of real aluminum metal. In a matter of minutes you can transform wood, plaster casts, ceramic, tile, plastic, styrofoam, fiberglass, cement, almost any surface into a work of aluminum art. Because all of our metallic coatings contain real metals, they can be intermixed to create custom colors, and an unlimited range of patinas. With these water based products, clean up is as easy as washing with soap and water!

Primary use

  • Gives non-metal objects the appearance of a metallic surface. May be used on wood, ceramic, clay, unglazed tile, plastic, fiberglass, concrete and others. May be used on metals if the surface is properly prepared.
  • Application Method

    This is a latex glaze based coating and may be applied like any other latex paint. First prime the surface to be coated. Allow the primer to dry. Next apply the first coat of metallic coating using a brush, roller, sponge, spray, or any other method. The first coat should be fairly thin. Allow this to dry from four to twenty-four hours or until cured. Additional thin coats may be applied as desired. Allow each coat to cure before applying another coat, or the coating may become elastic. Once completely dry, finish project with Metal Finishes PLUS' Gloss or Matte sealer.

    View Video Demonstration   Aluminum Coating

    Technical Data

    Shelf life one year if properly sealed. Coverage is 250 to 450 square feet, depending upon surface and thickness of the coat. Do not use below 50 degrees or above 120 degrees.
    VOC under 250